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FastFingers is a simple yet effective virtual desktop manager written in C#.

FastFingers was started in early 2004 as a simple but fast virtual desktop manager. There is no fancy interface and FastFingers definitely lacks in the beauty department. However it performs pretty darn good as a virtual desktop switcher that is entirely hotkey driven.

A design goal for FastFingers is to keep everything hotkey driven and to attempt to remain as un-intrusive as possible. The idea is to give you more functionality out of your Windows experience right at your fingertips with as little overhead as possible.

  • virtual-desktops Hotkey switching: defaults to Windows-Left and Windows-Right
  • virtual-desktops Hotkey dragging: defaults to Windows-Up and Windows-Down to drag a window left and right respectively.
  • virtual-desktops Sticky windows: defaults to Windows-S and makes the current active window stick to all virtual desktops.

  • launcher A QuickSilver like launcher; partially implemented.
  • paster A quick paster: Press a hotkey, start typing until the paste you want is displayed, press enter and it gets pasted into the application you are currently working in.

State of Affairs
Much to do. The code isn't very elegant and needs a major overhaul and refactoring.

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